By Ashley Harrell
August 26, 2014
Credit: Stuart Pearce / Alamy

Alright ladies, here’s the deal: Costa Rica is a fantastic place for a bachelorette party, a college girls reunion, or any other form of female group vacation. Whether it’s yoga, hard partying, spa days, relaxing at the beach, or dining out in style that you’re after, the country has a beach town that’s right for you and your amigas. I placed these recommendations in the order that I would prefer to visit them if I had four girlfriends in town, but read the specific reasons why. If you’re looking for a party, I wouldn’t send you to Nosara or Manuel Antonio. If a health and wellness getaway is more your style, avoid Jacó like dengue fever. Regardless of where you spend your girl time in Costa Rica, know that a spa, a yoga studio, and a delicious restaurant that serves fruity cocktails is never that far away.


Attention health enthusiasts: Nosara is the wellness capital of Costa Rica. Yoga centers abound, as do spas and other therapeutic treatment centers. And you can find gluten-free food everywhere. Should you tire of behaving yourselves, the area’s Playa Guiones is filled with surfers who will likely be happy to oblige your naughty side.

Manuel Antonio

This lovely beach town is the place for spendy ladies looking to swank out on a nice hotel and a few multi-course meals. The beach is stunning, as is the monkey-, sloth-, and toucan-filled national park. Additionally, lesbians should take note: This is the most gay-friendly destination in the country.


Bachelorettes, start your engines. Tamarindo is the place to get down, and it’s also got some of the best restaurants in the country (Pangas Beach Club and Bamboo Sushi are my faves). Be sure to ask when you arrive where the party is that night, as it moves around between a few bars and clubs.

Puerto Viejo

This laid-back Caribbean beach town is a good combination of everything a girl could want: plenty of shoreline and wildlife, lots of great restaurants, a few yoga studios, and an abundance of sexy male travelers. And here’s the best part: Prices are also significantly lower on this side of the country.


A club just opened in Jacó called Space, and its catch phrase is: “Where no one can hear you scream.” So that’s the kind of place Jacó is: dirty, wild, and maybe a little bit ominous. The advantage here is the location—from San José the drive is under two hours. The restaurants are also fantastic (Graffiti and The Green Room are the best) and the party scene is lively. But do watch your drinks closely.