Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles
Credit: LUCY NICHOLSON/Reuters/Corbis

The nation's obsession with food trucks—mobile food vendors who rely on Twitter to entice hungry hordes—can undoubtedly be traced back to Los Angeles. It was here that, in the 1960s, lonchera trucks began servicing workers in Mexican-American communities, and it was also here that, in 2008, chef Roy Choi became a national sensation with the success of his tacos-meets-Korean-BBQ Kogi truck. Kogi proved to be the first of an army of mobile restaurants that have embraced a gourmet, DIY-ethos. The truck format allows chefs low overhead and tons of freedom to experiment, which makes them the place to look for emerging food trends, offbeat tastes, and unexpected fusions. Cooking on four wheels also allows them to ply the road to multiple neighborhoods, traversing class and culture and unifying a geographically fragmented city. Here are five tried-and-true trucks that offer a range of captivating tastes. Hop on Twitter to follow them!

Kogi BBQ

This cult-favorite food truck fuses two of LA's most iconic ethnic foods—Mexican and Korean—and was one of the first gourmet trucks to spark a Twitter sensation. Join the chase for the legendary short rib tacos (corn tortillas filled with smoky meat, tangy salsa, and chili-soy slaw) and other mash-ups like kimchi quesadillas.


Though it's now gone national, this gourmet ice cream sandwich purveyor was born on the streets of Los Angeles in a modified postal van. Pick your cookie and your choice of ice cream filling—flavors run the gamut from traditional to experimental. Avocado sriracha ice cream on a snickerdoodle cookie, anyone?

Lobsta Truck

Inspired by the lobster shacks of Maine, this truck hawks New England-style lobster and crab rolls, clam chowder, and lobster bisque. The scrumptious signature rolls overflow with crustacean meat drenched in butter or seasoned mayo. Add Cape Cod-style potato chips, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and a whoopie pie for the full experience.

Grilled Cheese Truck

This sought-after truck serves up decidedly adult takes on the kid-food favorite. Design-your-own possibilities range from classic cheddar on French bread to gourmet herbed goat cheese and butternut squash on nine-grain bread. Don't miss the Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt stuffed with mac and cheese and BBQ pork—it's their specialty.

Heirloom LA

Savory lasagna cupcakes are this truck's claim to fame, and they reflect Heirloom LA's dedication to handcrafted, seasonal food and sustainable sourcing. The menu changes based on what's freshest at the market but might also include Jidori chicken wraps and roasted vegetable flatbreads. Catch them outside Silverlake Wine for the perfect pairing.