Best Food Festivals in the Bahamas
Credit: Nik Wheeler / Alamy

With 10 public holidays each year in the Bahamas, you can clock the passage of time according to our days off. Each is an opportunity for a down-home party in the backyard that is usually themed around food or music. At the Andros crab festival you can learn how to catch Bahamian land crabs; they crawl out of their burrowed holes at night, particularly in the rainy season, to go crawling. When you drive late at night in Andros, you run the risk of committing hit and run, so be on the lookout for crab crawling. At the festival, you will learn, the trick about catching crabs is to reach for the back. Their big biters are not flexible so you are safe from their pinch if you hold the crab from a rear approach. At all of our food festivals you will learn a little about our history and culture, while filling your plate with the best bites.

All Andros Crab Fest

If the Bahamas ran out of land crabs it would be a national travesty, hence the existence of the Crab Replenishment Reserve on Andros Island, the land of crabs. This food festival celebrates the island’s infatuation. Every June, Bahamians flock from the capital to Fresh Creek to eat crab and rice, crab and dough, crab soup, crab back, crab cakes and crab in 95 other ways.

International Cultural Festival

If it feels like a much cooler version of the United Nations General Assembly that is because this food festival was conceived to celebrate United Nations Day (October 24). Organizers will tell you something about fostering friendly relations and cultural understanding, but music, games and cultural performances take a side seat to the festival’s raison d'être (as far as I am concerned)—food. This event is the food fair of all food fairs.

Eleuthera Pineapple Fest

When you visit Eleuthera for Pineapple Fest you should arrange a special trip to the Bahamas’ most famous pineapple farm. Everyone on the island knows Lady Di, and you after your visit you will never forget her infectiously happy personality, sweet sense of humor and her farm. At Pineapple Fest, food vendors compete for the most creative incorporation of this naturally sweet and tangy fruit. At night, the entire festival turns into a dance floor for a Bahamian music concert.

Rum Bahamas

Pirates and rum runners capture the moat of the historic Fort Charlotte, transforming the dry stone fortress into a festival of rum, food and culture. Sample rum from around the Caribbean or simply learn about rum through short lectures in the educational pavilion.

Devour the Beach

What type of wine do you eat with lobster and artichoke ravioli topped with basil cream or avocado leaf-crusted tuna, jalapeno and blood orange marmalade? If you attend Devour the Beach, a three-day food and wine beach festival in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, featuring a rotating menu of international chefs, you might just find out. The tastings, parties, dinners and seminars that make up this event are for bona fide foodies.