By Maryam Montague
January 29, 2015
Credit: Anson Smart

Had too much couscous? Work it, baby. When you are in Marrakesh, it really is possible to eat too much couscous and too many tagines, and drink too much Casablanca beer. (Ahem, I know, from personal experience.) Yes, all those multiple courses in all those Moroccan restaurants mean that it is sometimes hard to get up from the table—or zip your pants the next morning. Thankfully, there are opportunities to counteract those pesky problems, even if you are on vacation. Although not as numerous or expansive as some western gyms, Marrakesh is home to numerous fitness clubs with state-of-the-art equipment and personal trainers who will happily whip you into shape in the language of your choice. Personally, I prefer being yelled at in French—it sounds more sophisticated, and somehow makes that 150th crunch more bearable. (Sort of.) Either way, here are some of my favorite fitness clubs in Marrakesh.

Four Seasons

Not all hotels take walk-in clients, but the swanky Four Seasons does. Not only can you burn off your calories in the club, but you can also enjoy a sauna and then treat yourself to a massage in the spa. Working out never felt—or looked—so good.

Le Fitness Club

Ooh-la-la. You can take your pick here from spinning, weights, yoga, pilates, cardio and a pool. You can also get an early start during the week, with its 7 a.m. opening, but on the weekends, Le Fitness opens at 9 a.m.

Canal Forme

Don’t be fooled by the chandelier in the entry—you can get a serious workout here. This is a full-service fitness club with a swimming pool, but if you’d like to indulge, there’s also a spa with massages, facials and other treatments.

La Mamounia

With a day pass (for about $50) you can get a workout at the fitness center of one of Marrakesh’s most famous hotels, set in incredible gardens. Access to the pool is an extra charge, but well worth it. Just be sure to wear some chic workout gear, because everyone else will be, too.

Marrakech Plaza Spa & Fitness

In the heart of Marrakesh’s new city, Gueliz, this huge gym and spa has treadmills, recumbent bikes, stair climbers and a 20-meter pool. You can also partake in their signature slimming, wellness and anti-aging spa program. Sounds almost like a vacation in itself.