Best Fishing Resorts in The Bahamas
Credit: © Danita Delimont / Alamy

One of the easiest ways to find a good fishing resort in the Bahamas is to look for the properties that include marinas. (Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking the major marina resorts in the Bahamas will not lead you astray). The second rule of thumb is to head to an island where the fishing is so abundant it almost doesn’t matter where you stay: Andros, Abaco, Bimini and Berry islands are just a few of the most famous in the archipelago among anglers. Following these strategies will keep you pulling in plenty of fish, but will also keep you on the beaten path; that’s why, for my list of top fishing resorts, I’ve thrown in a couple of lesser-known options, like Baycaner Resorts down south in Mayaguana. At spots like this, the fishing is excellent, but the peace and quiet of enjoying it without crowds is even better.

Bimini Big Game Resort

Bimini Big Game is one resort you can be sure is serious about fishing. They use tournament-rigged vessels for their sport fishing charters, and deck them out with the latest gadgets and toys that only fishing fanatics will properly appreciate. Their boats have live bait wells, swim platforms and comfortable staterooms to cool down in after a big fish wrangle. Whatever you catch, be sure you carry it to the restaurant’s kitchen so they can cook it up for your dinner.

Green Turtle Club and Marina

Every spring and early summer, the best in the sport fishing world are lured to the Abacos to participate in the annual Bahamas Billfish Championship. Green Turtle Club and Marina is host to one leg of the tournament. Throughout the year, the resort also stages its own Green Turtle Club Fishing Tournament and a lionfish hunt that promotes marine conservation. Needless to say, this resort is all about sport and play on the open water.

Stella Maris Resort Club and Marina

The currents that wash Long Island’s shorelines bring with them teeming schools of billfish, tuna, dolphin and wahoo all year round. Fishing is one of the primary activities at Stella Maris Resort, the Long Island social hub for boaters. Depending on the type of fish you are keen to hook, the fishing guides at the resort will guide you as to the best time of year to visit and the hot spots for casting your line.

Swain’s Cay Lodge

Just off the beach from the Swain’s Cay Lodge is a wadeable flat—where at any time you can step outside of your rustic island cottage with its modern chic interiors, onto the sand, and into the domain of the bonefish. You are never too far from your next possible catch while in Mangrove Cay, Andros. This lodge caters to serious fishing enthusiasts interested not just in bonefishing, but also deep-sea-, reef-, and spearfishing.

Baycaner Resort

The sparsely populated Southern island of Mayaguana is the place to go for extreme peace and quiet, outdoor adventure and fishing of both the both deep-sea and surfcasting varieties. At the Baycaner Resort, meals are home-cooked and cocktails are self-served: There is an honor system here that makes you feel like part of the family. This resort is a good fit for those who enjoy fishing, but want an all-around laid back experience most of all.