By Toni Garcia
January 26, 2015
Best Family Restaurants in Barcelona
Credit: Can Vadar

Barcelona is one the most family-friendly cites in Europe. As well as offering lots of cultural activities, Barcelona’s neighborhoods are clean and safe; there are lots of green spaces to play and explore in, and the wide sidewalks are accommodating to groups with kids in tow (especially in the city center). Cars are banned from most streets in neighborhoods like Gracia, El Gotic, or El Born, allowing you to walk and talk without worrying about traffic.

When it comes to food, almost every restaurant in the central districts offers special menus for the little ones and welcomes family groups in a very relaxed, cozy way. Below is a list of some places that I have enjoyed with my own family over the years—ones that offer not just good food and large menus with lots of variety, but also an atmosphere location, and warm style of service that cater to families dining together.

Can Vador

I love this quiet and cozy place, whose walls are made from weathered old bricks that give you the feeling of visiting someone’s home. The menu is huge, with lots of different options (the chicken and steak are especially tasty) and discounts for large groups are available, so if you’re traveling with a large family you can save a good amount of money eating here.

1881 Per Sagardí

I like this place because of the location and the views; it’s set on the top floor of the Museum of History, facing the sea and the Barcelona skyline. The food is fantastic (although keep in mind the menu focuses on seafood); and the light, especially in spring and autumn, is really something. A very good bet if you a have a fish-loving family.

El Nou de Granados

This modern tavern is a great place to introduce your family to the best of Catalan cooking. I like the airy, rustic décor, and the tapas-style dishes are quite good; there’s also a good prix-fixe menu ($30 dollars per person, including an appetizer, a main dish, dessert, water, and wine).

La Gondola

If your kids love pizza (and don’t all children love pizza?) this Italian place is the perfect family restaurant for you. La Gondola serves excellent pizza and pasta, and goes the extra mile to make kids feel at home. From Monday to Friday there’s a fixed-price menu for only 12 dollars per person.

El Jardí

A fantastic hideout in the gardens of the former hospital of Santa Creu, this is a perfect place to enjoy a meal in summer or spring. Special menus are offered here every day (ranging from $12-$16), giving you a perfect opportunity to have a nice alfresco lunch without spending a fortune. The food is good, but the location is what really makes this place special.