Best Conch in the Bahamas
Credit: Johnny Miller

You may not find every part of the conch appetizing (I certainly do not), but all parts of the conch meat are edible, including the leathery skin. Conch is a bottom feeding sea snail: not much for a marketing slogan, but the taste and versatility of this abundant mollusk is all it needs to sell itself. Bahamians could not live without conch. Conservationists have flirted with the idea of implementing a conch season that would prevent harvesting during certain times of the year. Such an action could very well cause an uprising in the Bahamas. Bahamians eat conch in every imaginable way: stewed in a tomato base; minced and packed in a conch burger; battered and deep fried; sliced and eaten raw in a salad. If it were up to me, every visitor to the Bahamas would have to eat conch as a pseudo rite of passage. It is just that important to experiencing the authentic Bahamas. Read on for the best conch dishes in the country.

Conch Fritters at Twin Brothers

The absolute best conch fritters in the country are served at Twin Brothers restaurant on Potter’s Cay Dock. Presumably the same recipe is used at all six of the Twin Brothers franchise locations, but I only vouch for the fried golden balls of battered conchie goodness at the Potter’s Cay Dock franchise.

Dino’s Gourmet Conch Salad

Just be thankful this list isn’t for fast food, because I would have to disqualify Dino’s Gourmet Conch Salad. But as far as the best conch salad goes, this roadside stand is a trendsetter. Located a short distance from the airport, along the Western coast, Dino’s has both traditional and new age recipe options on the menu.

Grilled Conch at Drifters

Tenderized whole conch is wrapped in foil, seasoned with onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers, plantains and spices, and placed on the grill. Natural juices spring from the mixture and infuse the conch with flavor. When the foil bundle is opened at your dinner table, that means it is time to take your Johnny Cake (Bahamian sweet bread) and dig in. Head to Drifters at Arawak Cay to partake in this conch eating ritual.

Cracked Conch at King Restaurant and Bar

King’s is one of the smallest and most rowdy shacks at Arawak Cay with the absolute best cracked conch. Conch is most commonly consumed by Bahamians in this way: seasoned, battered, and deep fried. What makes a good cracked conch? The conch must be tender, the batter crispy, and the mixture must have the perfect balance of lime and salt.

Conch Chowder at Naughty Johnny’s

Naughty Johnny’s is not afraid to experiment when it comes to Bahamian food. Their menu features traditional options like cracked conch and fusion creations like Cajun Conch Strips. When it comes to conch chowder, a brothy stew of vegetables and minced conch, this Bahamian bistro sticks closely to grandma’s recipe.