By Kate van den Boogert
August 14, 2014

Once upon a time, the only coffee you could find in Paris was burnt and bitter. That’s not exactly true—a decent café au lait can be had at almost any one of the city’s ubiquitous cafes. But over the last few years the craft coffee movement has been gaining momentum in Paris, and a whole host of new-generation coffee shops has sprung up, giving rise to a persnickety and discerning coffee crowd that seeks out memorable cups rich in complex flavors. Paying great attention to the quality of the coffee beans, and sometimes even roasting their own, these aromatic addresses use sophisticated espresso machines and hire adept baristas to work them. On top of espresso coffee, there’s also a trend for drip-filtered brews, using the famous Chemex coffeemakers. Typically, these coffee houses also offer free Wi-Fi and a short food menu demonstrating an equal attention to quality and a full-featured Parisian coffee house experience.

Coutume Café

Since Coutume opened out by the Bon Marché back in 2011, a whole new generation of quality coffee shops have sprung up around Paris touting the craft coffee thing. Coutume still remains one of the best, elegantly designed, and roasting, then selling, fine Arabica brews. And the Australian baristas are pretty sweet, too.

10 Belles

Out by the Canal St. Martin, this cute little spot works with Belleville Brûlerie beans. Aside from the great coffee and free Wi-Fi, it has a quality food menu by the chefs from Le Bal café. It’s lovely to sit out the front when the weather is good.


Sandwiched between fashion hub Palais-Royal and the Japanese food strip Rue St-Anne, this smart coffee shop specialize in drip-filtered brews and roasts its own beans. It also invites regular guest roasters. There’s a small and simple menu of snacks to go with your coffee, and a good range of newspapers and magazines to keep you occupied while you sip.

Café Kitsuné

The on-trend Paris-based fashion and music label has opened this minimal little espresso bar under the arcaded galleries of the beautiful Palais Royal garden. You’ll find coffee made with beans from London’s Workshop Coffee, plus cold-pressed juices, gluten-free cakes and biscuits, and ice cream in summer.

KB Café

This South Pigalle corner café spills out onto the wide pavement, and exudes a very relaxed vibe. Customers are happy sipping their coffee made with beans from local roasters Belleville Brûlerie. There’s a short menu of nasty homemade snacks. Free Wi-Fi only adds to the appeal.