Best Cigar Bars in Miami
Credit: Courtesy of Deco Drive Cigars

Cigar burning in Miami is serious business. Especially on Calle Ocho, where a stroll up and down the famous street in Little Havana unearths a whole new culture of cigar aficionados rolling stogies on the spot. Every man in town should be well versed in the art of cigar smoking, even if they don’t like to puff—it’s an age old-tradition. Walk into any Miami cigar parlor and make yourself at home as you learn that hand-rolled is always the preferred choice, cutting a Havana with your teeth is unacceptable, and a butane torch lighter is the best way to light up tobacco. Once you’ve got that down, then you’ll want to try the damn thing. Take your time. Let the burn explore the whole of your mouth before blowing it out. Cigar in one hand, whiskey in the other—that’s the Miami way. These cigar bars do it right and pass on the knowledge.

100 Fire Cigars

Owner Frank Martinez’s ancestors have been producing Cuban cigars since the 1920’s in Pinar Del Rio, an area renowned for its robustly flavored tobacco. Here, you’ll find all the old-school Cuban traditions in a modern setting. Kick back on one of the vibrant tufted couches or ponder the psychedelic portraits. But not without lighting one up—choose from over 100, hence the name.

Little Havana Cigar Factory

Situated in Miami’s most Cuban neighborhood, Little Havana Cigar Factory understands that cigar smoking is a lifestyle, which is why they’ve made the lounge so cozy. Examine cigar-filled aisles as you sip on a Cuban shot of coffee, compliments of the house. If you must leave, let it be to play dominos across the street or to the ice cream shop next door: Azucar. It’s the best in town.


Set in the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Rumbar isn’t a cigar lounge per se, but rather a cocktail lounge that just so happens to have an extensive cigar location. And 84 varieties of rums, cachacas and piscos from 18 countries. A real looker, the Old-Havana-style space is man-cave heaven.

El Titan De Bronze

The tyrant of stogies, El Titan De Bronze is actually an artisan and boutique shop. Cigars are hand-crafted in small batches by “Level 9” rollers from world-renowned factories Romeo y Julieta and Corona. Come here to buy a box, or several. The prices smoke those found anywhere else in the city.

Deco Drive Cigars

If you’re all the way on South Beach and don’t feel like making the trip to Calle Ocho, Google Map the nearest Deco Drive Cigars. With three locations and open till midnight, this cigar empire boasts world-class selection and weekly deals so you never leave empty handed. And don’t worry, after you’ve gone back home you can order their handmade and freshly rolled stogies online—they ship anywhere in the U.S.