By Marie Asselin
November 13, 2014
Christopher Hirsheimer

Weekend brunch in Quebec City is an eclectic affair. It might be a fun family outing, or an opportunity to put your stomach back on track if you overindulged the night before. You can opt for a comforting combination of eggs-bacon-potatoes, or graze inventive dishes concocted by some of our city’s best chefs. You can splurge on a romantic meal of sophisticated morsels and champagne, or indulge in hearty, but affordable fare made with the freshest local ingredients. Almost all of our best restaurants offer brunch on weekends, leaving visitors in an enviable position of having an array of options to choose from. Families, too, will relax on finding those places that appeal to little ones, where dishes are created with picky tastes and small appetites in mind, and a laid-back atmosphere tolerates kids’ voices even at increased decibels. Here are some appetizing options for spots in Quebec City, from the "old school" diner to the contemporary hotel restaurant.

Le Clocher Penché

A Quebec City mainstay, Le Clocher Penché opened more than 10 years ago in the heart of the Saint-Roch neighborhood, greatly contributing to making Saint-Roch the city’s new food destination. Le Clocher Penché’s comforting menu changes through the seasons, and is served by professional and friendly servers, making the restaurant feel like a second home. Weekend brunches are exceptional and should not be missed.

Le Cercle

Le Bouchon du Pied Bleu

Inspired by bouchons, a type of restaurant found in Lyon, France, that serve a meat-centric cuisine, Le Bouchon du Pied Bleu adapts traditional French dishes to incorporate Quebec’s flavors and ingredients. On the menu, offal and house-made charcuteries, terrines, and pâtés predominate. The weekend brunch is an informal affair where a diverse crowd gathers to enjoy a mostly savory menu that has no equal in the city.

Le Buffet des Antiquaires

It may be located in a popular tourist zone, but this 30-year-old diner still attracts a loyal local clientele who flock to savor the reassuringly traditional Québécois cuisine. The extensive and affordable breakfast menu is served all day, while stews, meat pies, and other humble dishes served for lunch and dinner taste just like the food our grandmothers lovingly made for us. The efficient service staff take and serve orders in record time.


The main restaurant of iconic Château Frontenac has recently undergone a complete transformation, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. The wood, glass, and gold décor provides a fittingly chic setting for the brand new menu created by cutting-edge chef Stéphane Modat, who works hand-in-hand with a star sommelier to create menus that flawlessly pair with carefully selected wines. One of the city’s most generous and elegant brunches is also served here on weekends.