By Ashley Niedringhaus
August 12, 2014
Best Boutique Hotels in Bangkok
Credit: age fotostock Spain, S.L. / Alamy

No matter what you’re looking for in a hotel during your time in Bangkok—be it a luxury experience, family-focused place, or cost-effective option—these five boutique hotels are all excellent places to stay. But you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy all the amenities of these destinations. Visitors and city dwellers should stop by and marvel at the buildings’ impressive architecture, dine at their incredible in-house restaurants, or book a service at one of the spas. Guests who do choose reserve a room a one of the five following boutique hotels are treated to some of the city’s top accommodations; including personal tuk-tuks and vintage cars, private butlers, lavishly decorated rooms, and access to some of Bangkok’s top tourist sites. These decidedly different spaces make your suite in Bangkok more than just a place to drop your things; they’re a transport into a one-of-a-kind experience so grand you might not ever want to leave.

Shanghai Mansion

Located in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown neighborhood, this 76-room hotel is a former Chinese opera house. Despite the chaos of the neighborhood outside, the hotel is tranquil, and the rooms have beautiful canopy beds and bright accents. Even though the décor skews more Chinese than Thai it’s worth booking a stay.

The Eugenia Hotel & Spa Bangkok

Start off your stay at The Eugenia with an airport pickup in a vintage 1953 Benz or a 1965 Jaguar. The luxury cars will take you to the centrally located, colonial-style mansion where the rooms are furnished with antiques. All suites have 24-hour butler service and the hotel’s Zheng He Lounge is a stylish place for afternoon tea.

Bangkok Tree House

This lush tree house located in the heart of Bangkok’s “green lung” and is accessible only by boat or foot. The ‘nest’ accommodations range from a form of glamping (private roofs and luxe beds) to simplistic (an open-air room without electricity). Bikes, Thai cellphones, and picnic baskets are all available to guests.

Arun Residence

All six rooms of this tucked away Portuguese river house have stunning and uninterrupted views of Wat Arun, one of Bangkok’s most iconic temples. Rooms here are decorated with Thai-style pillows and bedframes, and if you book one of the six suites, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and early morning temple views from a private balcony.