Best Bars in Cancun
Credit: The Surfin’ Burrito

No matter what your nationality, age, or party style, the beach town of Cancun has lively and entertaining bars that are sure to suit your personality. You’ll probably spend most of the day at the pool, the beach, and the swim-up bar in your resort—but once the sun goes down, things get even more exciting if you head outside the hotel. Years of exploring this destination’s very best nightlife has taught me that you don’t need the glitz and glamour of the big nightclubs to have an unforgettable time in Cancun. Even the city’s extensive array of bars offers an evening of fun and drinks that any adult will appreciate. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some drinks instead of hitting the crazy nightclubs (or to get your energy going before the club), here are a few of my favorite Cancun bars for a memorable night out.

The Surfin’ Burrito

This is one of my absolute favorite places in Cancun! I’m in love with the laid-back atmosphere and the social scene at Surfin’ Burrito. Locals and tourists alike stop by this tiny outdoor bar for drinks, tacos, and burritos. Since it’s open 24 hours a day and has a great location right by Party Center, it’s the perfect spot for an after-hours snack after a night at the club.

Las de Guanatos

Located at the bullring, Guanatos is the most iconic bar in downtown Cancun. On Fridays and Saturdays, this indoor-outdoor bar fills up with locals looking for a casual night out. They have great live music on weekends, along with a menu of mouthwatering Mexican food like its famous tortas ahogadas, sandwiches smothered in sauce. I love their mojitos, but most people go for the one-liter micheladas, or spiced beer.

Chuchito Perez

Chuchito Perez is a newcomer to the Cancun scene, but an incredible location looking out over the Party Center makes this Mexican-style bar and restaurant a top choice for drinks. Enjoy a menu of beers and cocktails out on the palapa terrace, where you’ll discover amazing lagoon views—especially at sunset.

Rose Bar

Rose Bar becomes one of Cancun’s top late-night spots on weekends, especially on Fridays, thanks to a weekly Ladies Night promotion. Located within the stylish ME Cancun resort, this bar has the atmosphere of a small nightclub. A sexy but tame burlesque show on the bar adds to the scene.

Blue Gecko

Whenever I go to Blue Gecko, I always see tourists of all ages having a great time, from college students to retirees. This bar is known for its awesome food (if you get there early enough), and at night they have a casual, fun and social atmosphere. This is the perfect place to have a few drinks and meet other Cancun travelers during your vacation.