Best Apps for Managing Frequent Flyer Miles
Credit: Leif Parsons

Staying on top of your many mileage, hotel, and rental-car programs is one of the biggest headaches for frequent travelers. Ditto figuring out whether or not you’ve accumulated enough points to book a first-class ticket for your next big getaway. But luckily, online mileage trackers have stepped in to help, letting travelers input their various member ID’s and passwords to conveniently consolidate all of their programs in one place. Besides displaying your latest balances, these services also notify you of all upcoming expiration dates, which is essential for keeping (and amassing more!) points.

Each site has its own edge: MileBlaster is particularly good at tracking your miles and alerting you whenever your points are about to expire, while AwardWallet smartly provides users with a convenient wallet-size card listing all of their loyalty numbers. We like TripIt’s iPhone- and iPad-optimized apps, which let you quickly access your details on the fly.

New to the space, MileWise aims to solve the age-old dilemma of whether you should buy that last-minute ticket to Bali using cash, miles, or points. It delivers flight search results in all three “currencies” and tells you which itinerary promises the best value—and why. There’s just one downside. At press time, it still didn’t feature American Airlines or Southwest. (But stay tuned. We’re told it has plans to incorporate them soon.) Travelers can also find more comprehensive listings for cash-versus-points searches on PointHub, which also offers PointFinder, a personalized feature that makes sure to inform you of any additional perks given by airlines such as extra points or even upgrades on a particular route.