By Maria Pedone
January 22, 2014

Berlin has gone to the dogs (and cats)—or at least its restaurant scene has. Pets Deli, Germany’s first eatery specifically for choosy canines and felines, recently opened over the holiday season and offers gourmet treats and meals from three to six euros ($4-8) a pop. Pets can chow down on high-quality beef, turkey, or kangaroo (!) meat from metal bowls in the restaurant, or take snacks like animal-approved cupcakes to go. Sides include broccoli, berries, rice, pasta, and potatoes, and all products pass store manager and animal nutrition expert Katharina Warkalla’s test.

Think the idea is a little over-the-top? Owner David Spanier argues the business is a labor of love, starting it up after he realized his own dog could not digest traditional pet food sold in stores. And don't worry, humans aren’t completely ignored here—you can always sip on a hot cup of coffee while Fido gets his health fix.

Maria Pedone is on the digital team at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.