Forget Santa and his workshop, for the holidays Bergdorf Goodman’s windows will take you on a fantastical journey. To where I don’t exactly know, but it is sometime in the past before body scanners and weighing your carry-on became mandatory.

This year, the windows are a postmodern mélange of references, including the works of the French writer Jules Verne, plus steampunk with a strong dash of fashion. Each scene takes a good long while to digest, so bring your scarf and mittens. There's a healthy dose of travel references, too—including an antique caboose, a Victorian-style flying machine (concocted out of a bicycle and parts of a hot-air balloon), a gigantic taxidermy winged Pegasus, lots of antique maps and globes, an 18th-century-type stage coach, model airplanes, and more. This holiday netherworld comes courtesy of David Hoey, Bergdorf's director of visuals.

If you are in New York City for the holidays (the only place to be, as far as I am concerned), you must see Berdorf’s windows on 5th Ave between 57 and 58 Streets. Hot Tip: stop in for a Mariebelle’s hot chocolate at the BG restaurant on the 7th floor. $6.

Mimi Lombardo is Travel + Leisure's Fashion Director.

Photo courtesy Bergdorf Goodman.