Your favorite childhood game is set to be played on its biggest stage yet.
Rear view of woman kayaking on lake at forest
Credit: Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

Belize is upping the ante on one of your favorite childhood games.

The Belize Tourism Board has recently announced that they will be selecting five participants to play the first-ever nationwide game of Hide & Seek, set on what is undoubtedly the biggest stage to date: the entire country of Belize.

Here's how it works:

Of the five participants, four Hiders will be scattered throughout Belize to relax in true seclusion, enjoying the Central American country's remote resorts, subtropical jungles, hundreds of miles of coastlines, and gorgeous cayes.

While the Hiders bask in peace and solitude, the Seeker has one week to find all four. To track them down, the adventure-seeking traveler will be paired with a local guide, who will give her clues after she engages in activities like diving and snorkeling along the Belize Barrier Reef, caving in the Chiquibul Cave System, exploring Mayan sites, and rappelling through the dense jungle.

If the Seeker successfully finds the Hiders, she wins the game. While the only prize for winning Hide & Seek is bragging rights, there is no loser here, as each player will be getting an all-expenses-paid one-week trip to Belize.

The truly impressive game will take place between November 12 and November 18 this fall.

“Belize is a curious place, and we are always looking for ways to evoke a child-like curiosity in travelers,” said Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism, Belize Tourism Board, in a release. “It may be a small country, but Belize is the perfect size to host the biggest game of hide-and-seek ever played. We look forward to showcasing all that Belize has to offer in the context of this beloved children’s game.”

To apply, send an e-mail to and explain why you deserve to play (depending on which position you're applying for, make either "Hider" or "Seeker" your subject line). The Belize Tourism Board is accepting entries now through October 8 at 11:59 C.T. See their website for the official rules.