Make Yourself a Margarita and Take This Virtual Tour of Florida's Best Beaches (Video)

Sit back and enjoy your “digital dose of vitamin D.”

As the weather heats up, staying home gets harder — most of us would give anything for a beach vacation right about now. Unfortunately, many of Florida’s beaches are temporarily closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, the Sunshine State is coming through to deliver an at-home beach experience: the Florida Beach Finder by Visit Florida lets you wander sand and sea without leaving home. Using immersive Street View Trekker technology from Google, you can take a virtual vacation and “walk” over 825 miles of Florida’s beaches — much more ground than you’d cover on a real visit.

Nature background with lifeguard station and boat at Palm Beach, Florida
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“Stunning 360-degree images, captured one footstep at a time, are integrated into Google Maps, enabling potential visitors from around the globe to experience interactive views of Florida’s world-renowned beaches,” reps for Visit Florida said in a statement.

To get a “digital dose of vitamin D” tailored to your preferences, use the Florida Beach Finder to dial in your ideal beach conditions: you can pick a specific location, like ritzy Palm Beach, or adjust the sliders to find your perfect balance of adventurous vs. laid-back, family-friendly vs. romantic, action-packed vs. secluded, and manicured vs. au naturel.

Then kick back and relax as the Florida Beach Finder delivers recommendations customized to your unique beach preferences, which you can “walk” step by step through your screen on Street View. Whether you find yourself in a Florida vacation hotspot or discover a destination that’s new to you, a totally tropical quarantine diversion awaits.

Sure, it’s not quite the same as feeling sand between your toes and sunshine on your face — save that for once we’ve officially flattened the curve — but pour yourself a quarantini and log off the work-from-home clock for an online beach getaway that’s as close as you can get to the real thing, at least for now.

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