Sometimes it completely disappears.  

By Talia Avakian
August 01, 2017

Spain’s hidden beach of Gulpiyuri is quite the sight to see, considering it sits in the middle of a meadow.

Playa de Gulpiyuri is in Asturias, Spain, which is known for its rugged coastline and medieval architecture, between the coasts of Llanes and Ribadesella. 

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Those hose who can find it are invited to a fresh-water haven surrounded by lush greenery that’s completely hidden from the open seas.

Though it’s less than 50 meters in length, the tucked-away beach attracts eager tourists from around the world thanks to its picturesque setting, where sea water can be seen gushing out from between the rocks that surround it.

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Though closed off from the ocean, the beach receives its waters from the nearby Cantabrian Sea, with the water entering through a tunnel that sits between the surrounding cliffs. 

The half-circle beach, which was formed by a sinkhole, also sometimes completely disappears when the tide is low, as it can only receive waters when the tide is high enough to reach it.

Its crystal-clear waters are tidal, providing lovely waves that swimmers can enjoy in what might be the last place they would have expected to find a beach in the first place.

According to Asturia's tourism board, the beach, which appears to look more like a saltwater pool, is popular with families during the summer since it's sheltered and provides calm waters for children. 

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Listed as a natural monument of Asturias, the beach can be reached via either a 1.6-kilometer (about one-mile) walk from Playa de San Antolin or by turning north off the A8 when in the town of Naves and walking 300 meters (about 985 feet) on foot.