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Q. You listed the top five beaches on your Web site. I grew up very near Muir Beach, the number-two pick. I noticed it didn't mention anywhere in the description that Muir Beach is a nude beach. Some of your readers may be a little suprised when they find that little secluded beach! Of course, I haven't been there since the 80's. Has it changed since then?

A. I'll bare the truth here: yes, Muir Beach, in northern California's beautiful Marin County, IS a nude beach. Well, sorta. The main, public beach does not allow nudity. But those who want an all-over tan usually go to a stretch of private beach just a short walk to the north. However, according to the "Online Guide to California Nude Beaches," in the past couple of years the cops have been handing out tickets to the suitless bathers—although whether for trespassing or nudity isn't clear. At any rate, by keeping to the main part of Muir Beach, the more modest among us can go there without having to avert our eyes. .