By Greg Freitas / Food52
August 27, 2015
Credit: © Robert Harding World Imagery / Alamy

While the French Riviera is a dream destination, it's also a state of mind—meaning, it can come to you. "Savoir-faire" is the French art of knowing how to do things properly, and during July and August that means celebrating each summer day with understated elegance. With Bastille Day on its way, now’s the right time to turn your local beach into the South of France. All that’s needed is a little planning and careful attention to detail. Here’s where to start:

1. Set the Scene (Mise-En-Scène)

To recreate that Riviera ambiance, it is necessary to have the right look. Brightly colored wood and fabric chaise lounges with matching beach towels will give your party that certain je ne sais quoi. Bonus points if your guests wear whites or linens, over swimwear, so the party is très a la mode.

Spread a large tablecloth on the sand or, for more comfort, try the aptly named Table in a Bag, the perfect way to create a chic experience outdoors. When it's time to set the table, leave the paper plates and red Solo cups at home. The stemware can be clear plastic, but the utensils should be have class and be placed upon cloth napkins. When the sun sets and the evening breeze comes in, light hurricane candles to keep the mood alluring.

Credit: Courtesy of Food52

2. The Bar Menu (Quelque-chose à Boire)

It is important to have a very specific bar menu; this is what separates les Francais from les Americans. Nothing says "vacation" quite like rosé. Top the table with a beautiful silver ice bucket or three, and then prepare to fill them.

Credit: Courtesy of Food52

3. Time to Eat Well (Il Faut Manger Bien)

The most delicious tables in Provence always start off with an overflowing basket of crudités, baguettes, olive oil, and fresh pesto. The French call Mediterranean sea bass "loup de mer" and it has become quite popular and available in the U.S. under its Italian name "branzino." Follow the first course with grilled whole sea bass with Pernod and fennel. Serve it with a cold salad of vitelottes (purple French potatoes) mixed with olives and rosemary. For dessert, a cheese plate and chocolate pots-de-crème.

Credit: Courtesy of Food52

4. Bring on the Tunes (Fête de la Musique)

It just isn’t the Riviera without some banging French techno. For authenticity, download Gallic faves Phoenix, Justice, or Daft Punk. For a more eclectic, downbeat soundtrack, the Buddha Bar series combines chilled out ambient lounge with danceable world beats.

À votre santé!