You Can Buy a $23 Million Island on the Great Barrier Reef
Credit: Andrew Bain / Alamy Stock Photo

If you've got $23 million burning a hole in your pocket, there's an island on the Great Barrier Reef that could have your name on it.

But not really, because it already has a name. Keswick Island has 1,278 acres of lush mountains, white sandy beaches, and great snorkeling.

The island, in the Whitsundays region of the Great Barrier Reef, was put up for sale by Edward Dawson-Damer, a friend of the British royal family, according to Mashable.

While we kind of hope someone will come in and make an effort to reverse and protect the area from the effects of coral bleaching, the island has been approved for large-scale development and construction is already underway.

The island already has an airstrip and 150 subdivided lots, according to the Financial Review. In addition to the $23 million (AUS$30 million) sale price, the buyer will need another $100 million to complete the ongoing development of the resort.

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