Time to book a ticket somewhere sunny.

By Jessica Plautz
November 07, 2016
Daylight saving time got you down? Plan a vacation to somewhere sunny.
Credit: Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

“Falling back” with Daylight Saving Time may be nice for anyone not eager to get out of bed and get to work, but there's a dark side.*

According to a new study, the additional hour of darkness in the evening can be difficult for people to handle, especially if they are prone to depression, CNN reported.

Psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal told CNN the best response is to find ways to get more light in your life—literally. Among his recommendations are taking a morning walk, investing in light boxes or additional lamps in your home, or planning a winter vacation to somewhere sunny.

Planning and anticipating a vacation is a mood booster, according to a previous study in 2010, and if your destination is sunny (and maybe even sandy), all the better.

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* Sorry.