You Can Order an Instagram-ready Picnic Setup Straight to the Beach in L.A.

If you want to have an adorable outing just let Bliss Beach do all of the work for you.

Beach Bliss, Southern California Beach Experiences
Photo: Valorie Darling Photography

Brian Jones knows that it's the details that count when it comes to total relaxation. But don't worry, he's willing to take care of all those little things for you.

Living in Kenya, Jones fell in love with safaris, and more specifically, fell in love with mobile, luxury camping. This, he felt, helped bring people to new, remote spaces and adventure like never before. So, he founded a travel company called Kin Travel and eventually designed his own tented hotel in the Caribbean. And, when Jones moved to Los Angeles he knew he had to bring all that luxury knowledge with him. There, he founded Bliss Beach, a pop-up lounge company that will set up the best beach day ever for anyone who asks.

Beach Bliss, Southern California Beach Experiences
Valorie Darling Photography

"We offer three set-ups for couples, families, and quarantine-mates," Jones explained. Those options include the Little Lounge for two to four people, the Safari Room for six to 10, and the Bliss Picnic for four to six. There's also the Little Kahuna option for larger groups of up to 20 and the Bliss Bonfire package for up to 10 people with firewood included.

"They are waiting on the sand when you arrive with everything you see on our website, including a cooler with iceblocks so all you've got to do is bring whatever you'd like to eat or drink," Jones said. "When it's appropriate to host larger gatherings again, we also offer event set-ups all the way up to the Full Riviera for 50 - 100 people."

Right now the company operates in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Orange County. On weekends, the company can set up on a designated beach in each location in order to host multiple reservations at once. But fair warning, you're going to want to book early.

"Weekends fill up a few weeks in advance and weekdays require less lead time," Jones noted.

As for his favorite setup, Jones said, "That's like picking a favorite child," adding he loves them all for different reasons.

Beach Bliss, Southern California Beach Experiences
Valorie Darling Photography

"The Safari Room Deluxe is a very impressive space and reminds me of the way I grew up sitting in a circle with my family in beach chairs," he said. "The Little Lounge is uniquely picturesque, like a European day and perfect for tanning, even working from the beach, and the Picnic is for a meal." But really, no matter which one you pick, Bliss Beach will certainly make the sunshine along the California coast shine just a little bit brighter. Check out all the offerings and book a Bliss Beach setup here.

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