Hanalei Pier, Kauai, Hawaii
Credit: Peter French / Design Pics/Getty Images

It’s been over a year since visitors have been able to enjoy Black Pot Beach Park in northern Kauai, and the reopening of the park is causing waves among locals and tourists.

Hundreds of visitors showed up to celebrate the opening on Monday, according to local newspaper The Garden Island. The park was closed in April 2018 after an overflowing river in Hanalei Bay destroyed the park’s restrooms and roads. The $6-million repair project included drop-off and pick-up zones, safety gates, a new roundabout, and changes to the park’s landscape to enhance the views.

A new 50-car parking lot will help negate the loss of beach parking — an ongoing tradition — which is no longer allowed due to the environmental impact of oil and fluid leaks.

In addition, the county acquired the 1.5-acre beachfront lot west of Black Pot Beach Park.

Margie and Irineo Sepulveda, who have been visiting the park for over 40 years, were at the beach’s reopening on Monday: “It’s always been a nice beach,” Irineo told The Garden Island. “I’d say it’s really picked up in the last 10 years, though. The parking’s nice now.”