10 Best Dog-friendly Beaches in the U.S.

From Florida to California, here are 10 dog-friendly beaches your pup will love.

Dogs playing at Cannon Beach in Oregon during sunset
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There's nothing like a nice day on the beach with your entire family. And we mean your whole family — dogs included.

Dogs have long been man's best friend, but more than ever, people are considering their furballs just another one of the group. According to a 2019 survey by SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, 98% of people surveyed consider their dogs to be members of the family. That makes it little surprise that more people are looking to take their pets on vacation with them too, including to beach vacations around the nation. If you're looking to travel with your pup to a gorgeous beach for your next getaway, we're here to help. Here are 10 of the best dog-friendly beaches in America.

Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach during the summer
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Huntington Beach is already known as one of the best stretches of sand in America for surfers, but as it turns out, it's pretty stellar for your pup too. Your four-legged friend is allowed to join in the fun in Surf City USA on the sand between Seapoint Avenue and 21st Street. Street parking is available for $2.00 per hour in two nearby lots, and the beach is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The beach is also famous for dog-friendly events, including the So Cal Corgi Beach Day and the Surf City Surf Dog competition.

Wildwood Dog Beach, New Jersey

Beach Dog in Wildwood, NJ
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Fido will have a field day at this doggie beachside paradise. Wildwood Dog Beach, located in the town of Wildwood, has everything a pup would need for an excellent day at the shore. That includes a fully fenced-in sandy park area and the chance to charge into the ocean for a little swim. (Note: Dogs on the beach must remain leashed, but leashes in the park are optional.) There are also plenty of poop bags on hand, so you can leave the beach as clean as you found it.

Jupiter Dog Beach, Florida

Black lab runs in the surf at the beach in Jupiter, Florida
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Jupiter Dog Beach, located in Jupiter, has been a welcoming place for dogs since 1989. It's an area that stretches for some 2.5 miles, making it a great place for pups who enjoy a long walk or a good run. Though dogs are welcome to be off-leash on the sand, officials ask that dogs remain leashed for the walk from the parking lot to the sand and that only well-behaved, obedient dogs be let off-leash.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Rear view of dogs running while birds flying at beach against blue sky on Cannon Beach, Oregon
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Cannon Beach, located in northwest Oregon, is an ideal spot for a day-long adventure with your four-legged best friend by your side. Here, dogs are allowed on the beach so long as they are either on a leash or under voice command control by their owner. Just make sure they don't chase after any stray puffins that may have strayed off of Haystack Rock.

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago

A dog and its owner play on Montrose Beach along Lake Michigan in Chicago
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Midwest dogs can have a little fun too, thanks to Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago. Here, pups are welcome to be off-leash from the early morning until 11 p.m. There's even a wash-off area so owners can give their dog a little hose down before getting back in the car. And, if you're so inclined, the beach area is always seeking donations so it can continue to offer poop bags and other amenities for free.

Willard Beach, Maine

Bert the dog plays in the surf at Willard Beach
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Willard Beach, located in Portland, is another stellar spot to try with your best bud. The beach allows for dogs to come and take a walk with their owners (on leash) between the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. from May 1-September 30. Over the fall and winter, dogs are invited to come to roam throughout the day as well. Just make sure to stay off the sand dunes and do not allow your dog to chase the wildlife.

Warren G. Magnuson Park, Washington

Seattle-area dogs will love to visit the Warren G. Magnuson Park off-leash area. It comes with an astounding 8.6 acres that are fully fenced in so dogs can run and play without their owners worrying that they'll run off too far. Dogs and owners will also find water access at the park along Lake Washington's freshwater shoreline.

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Sand Dunes and morning sky on Emerald Isle in North Carolina.
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Emerald Isle is 12 miles of coastal bliss. It offers soft, white-sand beaches and waters a light shimmering green just as its name suggests, and it also happens to be inviting for pets. Dogs are allowed to be on the beach with their owners so long as they are leashed. Come bring your dog for a walk down the shoreline to the pier and beyond.

Port Jefferson Public Beach and Dog Park, New York

New York City dogs can have a little fun in the sun too. All they need to do is head about 90 minutes east out to Port Jefferson in Long Island. It's a place where dogs reign supreme and owners are just on hand for fun. It's a pretty narrow stretch of beach, but if you come at a low tide, you'll have a little more area to play.

Block Island, Rhode Island

A yellow labrador retriever runs on a beach on Block Island with a ball in his mouth
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The Ocean State really comes through for dogs, especially on Block Island. Located 12 miles off the shore, dogs and their owners will find the beach mecca of Block Island. It's tiny for sure, but is filled with dog-friendly spots like Ballard's Beach (located just to the left of the ferry terminal), Andy's Way, Crescent Beach, the Mohegan Bluffs, and many more. Dogs are permitted on the ferry, making it a breeze to travel to and from the island for a day trip.

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