By Madeline Bilis
July 09, 2019

If you’d like to plan the perfect beach vacation one day, it might help to know where the world’s top travel experts love to go. That’s why we approached T+L’s Travel Advisory Board, a select group of owners and operators of the country's most important travel agencies, to recommend their picks in every corner of the globe.

Seven advisory board members recently gave some thought to their favorite beach getaways. From penguin habitats in Australia to pink stretches of sand in the Bahamas, they selected a few of the loveliest places to swim and sunbathe. Ahead, find a handful of picture-perfect beach vacation ideas from true experts.

The Seychelles

“The beaches in the Granitic Seychelles are some of my favorite in the world — equal parts exotic (shaded by dramatic palm trees and flanked by massive rock formations) and powdery soft, like their Caribbean counterparts. For a particularly special beach experience, consider a stay at North Island. Five beaches for eleven villas ensure privacy no matter which one you choose. The most indulgent is Honeymoon Beach, situated at the base of Bernica Hill. After a steep hike, you'll arrive to a gourmet picnic lunch, bubbles, and complete isolation.” —Barkley Hickox, Local Foreigner

The Bahamas

“The pink sand beaches in Harbour Island in the Bahamas are untouchable! The sand is so white that it turns pink, and it’s some of the softest sand you’ll ever feel. You can walk the entire length of the island in about an hour, while enjoying the turquoise sea the whole time. Drop by Sip Sip for a lobster quesadilla and goombay smash to end a perfect day.” —Shawna Huffman Owen, Huffman Travel

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“Living in California means I have access to some great beaches, and the sands of Hawaii are just a short flight away. But just a few hours farther are the islands of Tahiti. They’re right in the middle of the ocean, miles from everything, and they’re gorgeous. The sand, the water — just perfect. There are great resorts right along the beach, too, and some are over the water so you can enjoy the island from different angles and perspectives.” —Steve Orens, Plaza Travel


“Easily the Benguerra Archipelago in Mozambique. The remote sand dunes there rise out of a sea of an endless variety of blues. Not to mention the region’s rich local culture — it’s a win-win.” —Mark Lakin, Epic Road

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“I love the water, so some of my family’s favorite places to go swimming and snorkeling are the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve on Maui and in the cenotes in the Riviera Maya. They’re not beaches for laying in the sand, per se, but the water is incredible.” —Dan Ilves, TravelStore

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The Dominican Republic

“Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. There, you’ll find miles of beaches with some of the best kite-boarding in the world. Plus, restaurants, bars and shopping are all easily accessible from the beach. The kicker? Affordable lodging options abound.” —Edward Phillips, adtrav

Kangaroo Island

“Definitely go to Penguin Beach on Australia’s Kangaroo Island while staying at the unforgettable Southern Ocean Lodge. I love penguins and looking across the Southern Ocean; knowing Antarctica is the next chunk of land over is thrilling and romantic.” —Sandy Schadler, Travelink