Instagrammers to Follow
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With summer temperatures come enticing beaches, swimsuit season, and impromptu weekend adventures.

If you're looking for motivation to plan that beach vacation — or if you'd like to daydream about the beach from your office — head to Instagram, where there are photographers sharing photos from beaches around the world.

Here, a few of our favorite Instagram accounts that capture the spirit of the beach. Follow these accounts, and you'll be planning your next trip in no time.


Lucy Laucht's feed is a work of art in itself. Pastels prevail and her photos are channeling some major “Gidget” vibes.

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Matt Bauer's use of photo framing is what stands out to us. His photos are simple, but each one gives the subject its own personality.

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Mike Coots is a surfer and shark attack survivor, according to his Instagram bio, but that doesn't keep him from sharing some of our favorite beach photos.

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This account shares photos from photographers capturing beach scenes around the world. You can share your own using their hashtag, #beachesnresorts.

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If Hawaii is high on your bucket list, Brooke Dombroski will quickly become your favorite photographer. She's based in Hawaii and her photos are enough to convert anyone to island life.

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Amanda Kutaka's specialty might just be beachside sunsets, if her Instagram account is any indicator.

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Chelsea Yamase's heart may be in Hawaii, but she travels all over the place capturing the world's most beautiful scenes.

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Beach brand Bantu Wax has perfected the art of inspiring Instagramming. From product features that will have you reaching for your wallet the next time you're planning a beach getaway to beachside portraits.

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Ruby Mint is actually a beach towel company, but you wouldn't necessarily know that from a quick glance at its Instagram account (and that's a compliment).

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Seashells, ocean waves, fish of all colors. You'll find all of this and more on this Instagram account.

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This account is beach photo goals, 100 percent of the time.

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