By Toni Garcia
November 14, 2014
Most Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona
Credit: Courtesy Isabella's

There is no doubt in my mind that Barcelona is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Between the gorgeous weather, beautiful architecture, exceptional hotels—and, of course, the food, it’s practically tailor-made for couples looking to get away from it all. One of the best things about Catalonia’s capital is the blending of romanticism with an outstanding meal—an ideal combination you can find in precious few other cities around the world (think Paris, Lisbon, or Montreal), and where Barcelona goes the extra mile. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in the city where you can spend a nice evening with that special someone, but only a small number of them can offer the full package: the right ambiance, excellence in the cuisine, and a perfect location. From the Basque Restaurante Igueldo to the French-inspired Josephine, here are five of Barcelona’s best tables for two.

Restaurante Igueldo

Igueldo is a Basque restaurant run by actual Basque people (believe me, this is not always the case in Barcelona) and the food is simply outstanding (please, try the chipirones en su tinta, tiny squids in their ink). They have an incredible cellar and the owner is a wine authority. Trust her, and settle back to enjoy the beautiful light and the quietness of this place.


In the past few years, this restaurant has established a reputation as a good Italian place with both Catalan and international touches—in addition to a very hipster clientele. Ask for a table far from the door (it can be noisy sometimes) and enjoy the excellent food in a cozy, modern environment. The wine list is also excellent.

Casa Paloma

The service at Casa Paloma is excellent, the menu is outstanding (they serve the best tartare in Barcelona, and try the Angus steak, too—it melts in your mouth) and the vibe is fantastic, with a large group of loyal locals going there every weekend. This is possibly one of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy a romantic dinner over a nice bottle of wine.

Con Gracia

I really like this place, located in Gracia, the youngest neighborhood in town. The decor is elegantly modern and the lighting is superb. My recommendation is to ask for the traditional menu (about $80 per person), which includes six dishes (the cod, by the way, is fantastic). And you can't go wrong with a bottle of red—particularly Les Paradetes (about $65 dollars)—to accompany it.


This French-inspired restaurant is great for a late dinner and is just a short walk from plenty of tourist spots in the city center. I love the monkfish and their hamburger (with apple and foie gras), but everything is good here. They also have a nice selection of French and local wines; go with the Bourgougne—you won't regret it.