Why Adventurous Travelers Over 50 Should Go to Patagonia

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As the kids move out of the house and work obligations lessen later in life, many adventurous souls find themselves yearning to trade in family trips to the pool to instead hit the road, striking out to destinations previously unimagined. Free to roam the globe, this wave of baby boomer explorers is pushing into new frontiers well beyond the typical bus tours to Europe, creating a whole new category of over-50 adventure and luxury travel. At Knowmad Adventures we’ve recognized that, and for a variety of reasons, understand that Patagonia is a top travel destination for baby boomers.

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Flexible Adventures

Torres del Paine, arguably the crown jewel of Patagonia, is now home to a handful of the world’s best adventure lodges. Whether it’s Awasi’s fully private guides, Explora’s mind-blowing views from the room, or Tierra Patagonia’s inspired architecture and service that grabs you, the range of innovative excursions offered at the best lodges in Torres del Paine National Park allows you total flexibility. If you’re interested in relaxed wildlife safaris, tracking pumas and herds of wild guanacos, or hiking to the famed based of the towers, you can experience the park in the way that’s best for you. These luxurious Patagonia lodges feature exhaustive menus of excursions with different focuses and activities as well as level of rigor, so from day to day you can choose your own adventure in the park, customizing your Patagonia exploration as you go along. It also doesn’t hurt to return to impeccably executed meals each night, paired with delicious local wines and a cozy bed with views of moonlit peaks and the Southern Cross. There is no reason the stunning Patagonia landscapes and wildlife can’t be enjoyed by people of any age or fitness level.

Privacy: This Isn’t Your Mom’s Bus Tour

Gone are the days when traveling abroad meant being shuffled from site to site staring from behind the window of a bus with thirty others, inevitably getting sat next to the couple more interested in squabbling then being immersed in the cultures and experiences around them. Traveling alongside Knowmad or other regional specialists has opened up the ability to have safe, stress free adventures with private guides and services so your trip can be perfectly tailored to your interests, style, and activity level.

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Luxury Adventures: Do It in Style

No need to explore this remote area of the globe with a backpack and tent in tow. Patagonia luxury travel is as good as it gets, with some of the world’s best luxury adventure lodges located in Torres del Paine, the region’s treasured national park, as well as lesser-known estancias in Argentina that are at the same time authentic and extremely comfortable. Patagonia now offers world-class luxury trips and tours to go along with its unrivaled landscapes and wilderness.

Life Enrichment & Inspiration: Unwind & Recharge

The majesty and beauty of Patagonian landscapes are incomparable. This majesty not only offers an adventure playground, but it has the ability to restore, recharge, and revitalize the sense of adventure that lives within us all. Visitors also often draw inspiration from the beauty of the region’s gaucho (Patagonian cowboy) and homesteader traditions that approach life without pretense or judgment, but rather a keen appreciation for simplicity and universal truths.

Top Travel Destinations for Baby Boomers: More Info and Tips

As older travelers often have two to three weeks or more, consider combining Argentina and Chile, starting in Buenos Aires and ending in Santiago. This way you get to see both of the vastly different windward and leeward sides of the Andes, which means not only the expansive pampas and iconic jagged peaks, but also the most remarkable glaciers. You also avoid repeating any long transfers, get to then see two of South America’s most fascinating cities, and can compare and contrast the different cultures of Patagonia in addition to varying landscapes.

On the note of having more time, don’t forget that Northern Patagonia (also known in Chile predominantly as the Lakes District) is quite different from the Southern portions, and features the beautiful towns of Bariloche and Puerto Varas, as well as the cultural and wildlife gem of Chiloé. These Swiss-German areas of the region also offer interesting cultural insights on the European migrations and effects in the countries.

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And don't overlook Punta Arenas. Although there are flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays in and out of Puerto Natales during high season (November 15 through March 15), which cuts down the drive time in/out of Torres del Paine on the Chilean side, they often are indirect. Punta Arenas as a city isn’t necessarily any sort of highlight, but it is on the famed Strait of Magellan, and offers the opportunity to boat to remote Isla Magdalena, where between November and March you can walk among droves of penguins. November and December is best as the penguins are most abundant and you may see chicks hatching. In addition there is the opportunity of whale watching excursions from December through March, and even a really, really full day to a remote King penguin colony on Tierra del Fuego. Seeing some of Patagonia’s marine wildlife, getting the most value out of your Torres del Paine lodge stay by being able to arrive early or depart late, and experiencing the Strait of Magellan are all benefits of overnighting in Punta Arenas.

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Traveling to Patagonia is a bucket list item for so many adventurers, and it is certainly an incredible and accessible destination for baby boomers who wish to behold the surreal beauty of this magnificent South American region.

To learn more about everything Patagonia has to offer, or to start planning your Patagonian adventure, give a Knowmad trip specialist a call at 612-315-2894 ext. 1, or email us at travel@knowmadadventures.com to begin planning your custom Patagonia itinerary. Knowmad offers door-to-door trip planning: We help you navigate itinerary options and seasonal differences, coordinating Patagonia travel with experienced guides for a holistic, seamless, and safe experience, all at a guaranteed best value.

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