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Almost any destination can make for a good vacation, but according to a new survey by VRBO, we’re all dreaming of one very specific location for our next getaway.

The vacation home rental service polled 1,067 adult American travelers to find out which place they’d like to go if time and money weren’t a factor. And as the results showed, we’re all dreaming of a trip down under.

“When we asked Americans where they’d go if all constraints were removed, the results hinted at why some destinations might remain a dream and how those dreams evolve as we grow older,” reps for VRBO wrote in the survey’s findings. “Among all survey respondents, Australia was the top international dream destination.”

With the survey, VRBO hoped to better understand travel preferences and see how age has changes the way people feel about travel. For example, just look at Australia. While it’s everyone’s dream destination, it was only the 18th most-visited destination by American travelers in 2018, according to Expedia data.

Era Beach, Australia
Credit: Yannik Photography/Getty Images

“The disparity between dream and reality signals that barriers of time and money are the deciding factors for whether Americans will take that dream vacation,” VBRO explained.

This finding held true for every age group except millennials, who are the group most likely to go into debt for travel (37percent) compared to Generation Xers (27 percent) and baby boomers (15 percent).

Beyond their willingness to go into debt, Millennials also varied slightly on their dream destination. While the overall number one international spot went to Australia, VRBO noted that for millennial travelers ages 18 to 34, the top dream destination was Italy.

But, according to the results, all age demographics agreed on at least one thing while traveling: the importance of Wi-Fi.

Internet/Wi-Fi access is the single most important amenity for American travelers, outranking traditional must-haves like TV and air-conditioning, according to the results.

“While traveling, Americans would rather sweat through the night than miss a tweet. Wi-Fi is so important that 75 percent of travelers said they’ll seek lodging with Internet/Wi-Fi access, while only 59 percent said they expect an accommodation to have a TV,” VRBO wrote. “For millennial respondents, the gap was much wider than for any other age group: 72 percent said they want online access, and 41 percent said having a TV was important.”

And we can even narrow down this dream trip more. Not only does everyone want to go to Australia and have Wi-Fi, but they want to do it with their family and friends.

In the survey, all three age groups saw an increase in travelers who said they’ll travel with a group of four or more this year compared with last year. And 52 percent of respondents said a family vacation is their reason for travel this year.

Additionally, all respondents rated relaxation as their primary reason for travel, indicating “a healthy desire to disconnect from the stress of our daily lives and reconnect with family and friends while away.”

Long story short, if you want to make someone happy, send them to Australia for a spa getaway with family. Just make sure they have Wi-Fi wherever they go.