Where to Travel in 2020, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Standing on the top of Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru
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If there’s one person you should listen to when it comes to where to travel in 2020, it’s Pia Lehmann. Not only is she one well-traveled woman, but she can also see it all in the stars. As a professional psychological counseling astrologer (and gold medal winner of the Federation of Australian Astrologers), Lehmann works with clients to push past emotional roadblocks and clearly see what’s ahead. Lehmann also happens to be a true travel expert and works as an in-house astrologer for The Ultimo hotel in Sydney, Australia. There, she helps create tailor-made trips based on guests’ star signs and introduces the public to the ancient science of astrology. Guests staying at the hotel can book a face-to-face reading with Lehmann, request an introductory report, or chart comparisons with their partner. But, lucky for us, she’s willing to share a few travel tips, too. Related: Which Beach You Should Be Sitting on Right Now, Based on Your Zodiac Sign So, what does she see in everyone’s collective travel future? According to Lehmann, 2020 is a year to “reset.” “Important planets align: Saturn conjoins Pluto, followed by Jupiter, all in the stern sign of Capricorn,” Lehmann explained to Travel + Leisure via email. For water signs, Lehmann says it’s best to stick by the beach, take a cruise, or visit a far-off romantic island. For fire signs, she adds, 2020 may be the year for an active adventure, like mountaineering or other outdoor activities. As for earth signs, Lehmann says it’s all about taking a break at a spa, digging into a foodie retreat, or focusing on personal health. Lastly, she notes that air signs need to find an escape that offers plenty of variety and is “mentally stimulating.”Want specifics? Keep scrolling to find out what kind of trip Lehmann says each sign should take, along with our suggestions on exactly where each sign should travel in 2020.

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Standing on the top of Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru
Robert CHG/Getty Images

What to Do: Go on an action-oriented getaway.
Trip to Try:Hike through the mountains in Peru.

This is your year to get out there and explore, Aries. Those under the Aries sign are known for being adventurous and intrepid. Why not give into that thrill-seeking side in 2020 with a trek through the Andes in Peru? You can do just that by booking a trip with Mountain Lodges of Peru, an outfitter that perfectly blends adventure and luxury with its lodge-to-lodge treks from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

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Fresh croissants, coffee and tea in French cafe, Paris, France
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What to Do: Eat like a king.
Trip to Try: Dine out in Paris.

According to Lehmann, 2020 is all about food-based adventures for the Tauruses out there. (And hey, those born under the sign are known to be a bit gluttonous anyway.) Book a trip to a city like Paris where you can dine on tasty food. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a ton of money while you’re eating to your heart’s content. Here are our tips for eating in Paris for less than 15 euros a meal.

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Aerial view of Shanghai cityscape and city skyline
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  • What to Do: Find a place filled with both action and curiosity.
  • Trip to Try: Visit a city like Dubai.
  • It’s got glitz, glamour, and adventure for days. Yes, dear Gemini, Dubai is the city for you in 2020. Those born under this sign are well-known to be curious and filled with passion, which makes a place like Dubai an excellent fit for a once-in-a-lifetime Gemini vacation. While in the city, check into a hotel like the Bulgari Resort Dubai, which comes with all the luxe amenities you’d ever need.
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People on holiday in Venice, Italy
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What to Do:Find a cozy place filled with deep traditions.
Trip to Try:Take a curated vacation in Italy.

Italy is one of the best vacation destinations for families, which is ideal for those under the Cancer sign, as they are quite family-oriented. In the European nation, children stick by their parents’ sides well into adulthood, and it’s not uncommon to have first, second, or third cousins over every night of the week for a family dinner. To visit Italy in the most familial way possible, book a trip with Access Italy, a family-run operator who puts together itineraries for the likes of Oprah and the Obamas.

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Rendering of Richard's roof deck on board Virgin Voyages ship
Courtesy of Virgin Voyages

What to Do: Get in on the party.
Trip to Try: Embark on a VIP experience with Virgin Voyages.

Leos are known to be the life of the party, which means traveling in 2020 should be all about a good time. And that’s where Virgin Voyages, the latest project from Richard Branson, comes in. Though the ship hasn’t set sail yet, it’s already the hottest ticket in town. This year, its first vessel will hit the high seas and bring guests to its own personal paradise, the beach club on the Bahamian island of Bimini. The private party experience is exclusive to Virgin Voyages, so make sure to get on board as soon as you can.

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World's Coolest Pools
Courtesy of The Mulia

What to Do: Focus on health and well-being travel.
Trip to Try: Visit the Mulia Villas in Bali.

Virgos tend to have a difficult time calming down, as the sign rules over the nervous system. But there is one place worrywart Virgos can go to chill out: The Mulia in Bali. The gorgeous property comes with enough beachfront space to ensure everyone can find some alone time. There are also a number of wellness offerings, like daily yoga classes. However, the real gem of this property is the over-the-top, five-hour spa experience, which includes a body treatment, massage, facial, and pedicure to help cure any ailment.

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Man walking by a graffiti painted tram on cobbled street in Lisbon, Portugal
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What to Do: Take in all the artwork you can.
Trip to Try: Head to Lisbon for a street art tour.

Libras know a great piece of art when they see it, as the sign happens to be one of the more artistic and visual in the zodiac chart. In 2020, Libras are encouraged to visit Lisbon in Portugal and take in all the glorious art. However, rather than just perusing any old museum, opt for a street art tour. It’s a place filled with talented artists who are happy to share their works on public walls around the city.

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An airplane flying over palm trees
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What to Do: Delve into something mysterious.
Trip to Try: Go on a surprise trip.

Scorpios simply love to be in control at all times. We get it, it’s hard to give up control, especially when it comes to travel. However, 2020 is the year to let it all go for Scorpios. Don’t worry, you don’t need to leave it all up to chance. Instead, book a vacation through a company like Pack Up + Go, which creates custom three-day itineraries that come with a surprise destination, so you don’t know where you’re going or what you’ll be doing until you arrive.

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A safari camp at night under starry sky
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What to Do: Get outside into Mother Nature.
Trip to Try: Go on a glamping-inspired safari.

Those under the Sagittarius sign don’t just like the outdoors, but they need it to feel fulfilled. One great way to connect to nature in 2020 is by taking a safari. However, you can double down on this trip by booking a safari with The Bushcamp Company in Zambia and requesting a stay in its off-the-beaten-path bushcamps. These camps come with zero Wi-Fi or cell service and are powered by solar energy, meaning it’s just you, the surrounding nature, and a few wild animals roaming outside your door.

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River Nile with traditional boats at sunset
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What to Do: Take a historical journey.
Trip to Try:Hop on a cruise.

Those born under the Capricorn sign are known to value things that last for generations. There may be no better place to celebrate that than in Egypt on a history-inspired vacation. To see and do it all, embark on a river cruise down the Nile with Original Travel. On its new itinerary called A Taste of the Nile, guests can travel down the same route that Agatha Christie took, which inspired her to write Death on the Nile. The journey includes stops at historical attractions along the way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write the next great novel, too.

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Women from the Samburu tribe in colorful clothing in Kenya
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What to Do: Go on a trip that gives back.
Trip to Try: Sign up for a female-only expedition around the globe.

The Aquarius is known as the “water bearer” that is “eternally giving.” With that in mind, it makes sense that those under this sign should head out for a trip that gives back. Aquarius women are in for a treat in 2020, as they can now take female-only trips to a number of countries around the world with Intrepid Travel. In 2018, the tour operator launched its women’s-only trips with a few key destinations such as Jordan and Turkey. This year, hop aboard its expedition through Kenya, where guests meet with local female entrepreneurs, spend time in women’s-only villages, and get to interact with female rangers fighting poachers in the Maasai Mara park. The expeditions all help to create a stronger female economy by staying in female-owned hotels and purchasing goods in their stores, as well as strengthen the ties that bind us all across borders.

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Galapagos sea lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) on a beach at Gardner Bay on Hood Island (Espanola Island) in the Galapagos National Park
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What to Do: Enjoy a romantic journey.
Trip to Try: Check out a remote island.

Anyone born under the Pisces sign will tell you that they’ve got a lot going on in their ever-racing minds. That’s why a trip to a secluded island, where they can find a little bit of calm, is not only recommended, but necessary in 2020. Book a trip to the Galapagos Islands with Ecoventura. The small boat company focuses on sustainability and ethical travel to the islands. Aboard the vessel, each guest will be accompanied by two naturalists, who will help you dive into the water to swim with turtles, sea lions, sharks, and more while respecting everyone’s boundaries. But be warned, my Pisces friends: You may never want to leave the islands or the crystal-clear waters again.

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