We all know it's fine if you take home the soap or shampoo that you find in your hotel room or cruise-ship cabin. But what about that coffee mug? The bathrobe? Or...the decor in the lobby?

A Kentucky man has been fined $500 after he tried to disembark from the Norwegian Star with a giant painting that—well, was part of the permanent decor of the Norwegian Star.

The man's behavior was explained by the claim that he was on medication, and mistakenly thought that he had won the Rembrandt copy in a raffle.

Our first thought: a huge painting that is supposed to pass for a Rembrandt and is as big as our couch would only be worth $500?

But more important, we think the man may have hit on the next fun activity coming to a cruise ship near you: Buy a raffle ticket, and get the chance to take home your favorite painting from the atrium lobby, or a sculpture from the casino—or that fun chocolate fountain from the buffet. This has a future, right?

What painting or sculpture have you ever wanted to take home from a cruise ship or hotel?

Photo by iStock