Credit: Ente Turismo de Buenos Aires

The $100 million restoration ran two years beyond the intended centennial reopening, but if there’s one symbol that fully represents Buenos Aires, it’s the newly refurbished opera house, Teatro Colón. Opened in 1908, the glittering 2,478-seat theater synthesizes Italian Renaissance, French Rococo, and classical Greek styles into a splendid expression of profound Europhilia. The talent treading its boards has lived up to the setting: Nijinsky and Pavlova, Toscanini and Stravinsky, Caruso and Callas, Domingo and Pavarotti. Guided tours have not yet been reinstated, so you’ll need to attend a performance to experience the auditorium’s superb acoustics. Top choices: Leoš Janáček’s opera Kátya Kabanová (Sept. 21–28; and Le Corsaire (Oct. 29–Nov. 7), featuring Paloma Herrera, an Argentine star of the American Ballet Theatre.