The votes are in on the top 12 American cities—now only six remain.


And then there were six.

Six cities. Six contenders. And only one can grab the title of America’s Favorite City. Round #2 of’s interactive bracket game is complete. And Cinderella lives.

Who came out on top?Let’s start in the East/Midwest region. Boston proved a powerhouse, trouncing Miami with a full 70% of the vote. Sure, Beantown finished #2 in the historical sites and classical music categories, but that doesn’t mean it’s rooted in the past—voters turned out in droves to secure its future popularity. New York once again showed its spirit by voting out the politicos of Washington, D.C., 59% to 41%. (Perhaps the legislators had other things on their mind this past week?) And the charm of CharlestonAmerica’s Friendliest City—wasn’t enough to propel it past the intimidating skylines of Chicago.

Out in the West/Southwest region, Honolulu continued to wear the crown of Cinderella: after crushing Los Angeles in the first round, the Hawaiian capital beat Portland, Oregon this week with 57% of the vote—a pretty convincing margin. Perhaps it was the better weather? San Diego handled Las Vegas convincingly, while San Francisco ousted Seattle with 66% of the vote.

Now we move on to Week #3—the semi-finals! The Eastern region will have to pick a finalist to go up against a Western finalist. That means it’s New York vs. Boston vs. Chicago in a three-way matchup. And out west, it’s San Francisco vs. San Diego vs. Honolulu.

This has become a heated contest that started with the America’s Favorite Cities survey—a partnership between and CNN Headline News. People voted for characteristics of 25 different cities—the best city for nightlife, the top destination for foodies, the cleanest city, the smartest people...45 items in total.

But now it’s a question of the best city overall. We started with 25 cities; we’re down to six.

Take your fave to the top! Go to and vote. Then vote again. And again. Check back to see the finalists on Monday, October 6.