We're loving this map of the country's largest bikeshare programs of 2013, from the Washington-based blog BeyondDC.

It shows the to-be-expected large players—Boston and DC—plus debuts from New York and Chicago, but while those cities dominate the map with their massive programs, it's the smaller dots that tell a more interesting story.

Charts show that thirteen of the 40 cities included on this year's study launched their bike shares in 2013. Who else hopped on the bandwagon last year? Here are some notable newcomers:

San Francisco Bay Area: 67 stations

Fort Worth, TX: 34 stations

Aspen, CO: 12 stations

Austin, TX: 11 stations

Lansing, MI: 4 stations

All in all, cities across the country added a whopping 1090 bikeshare stations last year. And the trend is not backing down: New programs already set for 2014 include West Palm Beach and the Jersey City-Hoboken-Weehawken metro area.

For the full data, click here.

Peter Schlesinger is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure, and a member of the Trip Doctor News Team. You can follow him on Twitter at @pschles08.