Our friends at MSNBC Travel are reporting that Denali National Park is maxing out on visitors.We knew Alaska wasa popular summertime destination, but it seems travelers are turning its most famous(and accessible) park into the next Yellowstone.So with all the people exploring the 49th state, we thought we’d give you the heads up on a great app wefound to research your trip and use while you’rethere.

The Alaska App is notonly free, but also the most comprehensive Alaska travel app that we could find.Published by the website, the app covers17 popular cities, towns, and (of course) Denali, with a full range of hotels,restaurants, and attractions in each—many with photos, and some with video. Youcan filter by type of listing (i.e. fishing lodge or B&B), share yourfavorites on Facebook and Twitter, or send a “postcard” of the place. Dig deeper and you’ll find some unexpectedly cool stuff,like flyover videos of glaciers, weather cams from around the state, and audiotours given by experts. The app also geo-locates you, so you’ll know how far away you are from thatrestaurant or hiking trail you want to check out, and see everything on a map. (Herein New York,the app tells us, we’re 3,357miles from the busy park’s CampDenali.)You’ll also find recommendedwildlife-viewing hot spots, how-to articles (like when to visit, what to pack,and what to do if you see a bear), and users posts that you can sort bydistance from your current location. There’seven search functionality. The one thing it can’t do is clear the crowds out ofDenali.

And if you’re gettingto the 49th state on Alaska Airlines, download their free app as well. There’s no travel guideinfo, but it’s good for all theusual airplane-app stuff, like schedules, flight status, and check-in.