By Peter Schlesinger
May 23, 2014

Airbnb announced this week that it reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General, after the state office issued a second subpoena demanding data on thousands of Airbnb hosts.

In this latest update to the long saga of New York State vs. Airbnb, the short-term apartment rental website will hand over anonymized data of its hosts, giving the Attorney General's Office one year to review the information.

At heart to the issue is the state's desire to combat corporate-like property hosts who take multiple properties off the housing market for short-term vacation stays. Airbnb states that it has already removed 2,000 such listings from the website.

The T+L Take? Airbnb is the sharing economy's poster child. It will continue to face regulatory issues as local governments and businesses struggle with how best to incorporate it into the established market. This agreement is a big step forward in that process—keeping host information private while helping communities weed out individuals who abuse the system.

Peter Schlesinger is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure and a member of the Trip Doctor news team. You can find him on Twitter at @pschles08.