Not sure if you're in the mood for an urban adventure or nature escape? Airbnb is here to help.

Surfers at Bondi Beach
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

Thursday morning, Airbnb launched a Trip Matcher quiz to help you determine your next destination — and uncover your innate travel style.

What do you wear for an early morning flight? Fashion-forward boots or the “same outfit [you were] wearing last night?”

How does nature make you feel? “Inspired,” “itchy,” or “sneakers aren’t really [your] thing.” According to Airbnb, answering questions such as these can help you determine your unique travel personality.

Perhaps you’re a nature lover, a merrymaking bon vivant, or a crafty artist. For each personality type, the home-sharing service has pinpointed the city best suited to your interests, and crafted a comprehensive itinerary.

Pop culture junkies, for example, should go cool hunting in Los Angeles — the veritable heart of celebrity, performance, and show business. Airbnb has selected Echo Park bungalows and light-filled lofts in Downtown Los Angeles to book, as well as exclusive experiences for each adventure. (Here, you’ll learn the craft of writing for film and television with the pros.)

Nature lovers, on the other hand, are pointed to Nairobi, Kenya, where they can book a garden-filled estate and go stand-up paddle boarding through mangroves in the village of Shela, just outside the city.

Airbnb has been rapidly expanding beyond accommodations to offer travelers more comprehensive trips, and these hand-picked activities with locals and venue recommendations are just part of the package. The company recently announced plans to launch flights and service recommendations, too.

In the meantime, are you a Sydney-bound daredevil seeking surf spots and outdoor workouts, or a fashion-focused traveler interested in perusing London’s famous shopping streets? There’s only one way to find out.