By Maria Pedone
January 13, 2014

Beginning today until January 17, first-time Airbnb users will receive up to $300 off one night’s stay at any location across the globe. If you’re like me and have all of your 2014 travel resolutions planned out, the discount deal is the perfect excuse to start booking. You’ll have to travel by March 31 (a date far enough away to plan, close enough to spark excitement) for at least two days, which seems easy enough to swing since the rental site lists about 500,000 properties worldwide.

Airbnb has also released a top 10 list of their fastest growing destinations if you need some inspiration. Andorra (pictured), a tiny landlocked country between Spain and France, turned up as number one, with Barbados, Nicaragua, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Bahamas completing the top five. More locally, the Florida Panhandle is also picking up interest—unsurprisingly, travelers will never tire of white, sandy beaches. Just remember to use the promo code ONENIGHT when booking your stay.

Maria Pedone is on the digital team at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @mariapedestrian.