Visit the remote Indonesian islands of Komodo, Irian Jaya, and Flores, just as Marco Polo did, aboard Sea Trek's schooner Katharina (62-361/283-192;; from $1,200 per person, double, all-inclusive). With a few more luxuries than the famed mariner enjoyed, you'll sail the southern Indian Ocean for a week, exploring jade coves and entering another era, where giant lizards laze in the sun and locals still dress, hunt, and heal as they have for centuries. The Katharina, designed by Sulawesi's Buginese people, carries 16 passengers, a chef, and expert guides, who take adventurers on excursions through dense rain forests and walking safaris across dry savannas. Moonlight tribal feasts on deserted beaches and snorkeling trips along pristine coral reefs are also included. A sister ship, the 25-passenger Anak Nusantara, is set to launch early this summer.