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Jade Hameister, a 14-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, could become the youngest person to complete the 'Polar Hat Trick.' The intimidating name was given to the act of trekking 1,243 miles across the North Pole, the South Pole, and Greenland (in three separate trips). Hameister is currently kicking off the adventure at the North Pole, and plans to spend three weeks taking in the scenery.

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The only thing more epic than this journey is the fact that the inspiration came from a chance meeting with an Icelandic woman at the Mount Everest base camp—which Hameister was visiting at the ripe age of 12 years old. So what exactly does this trip call for? She shared a few obstacles in an interview with Mashable: "There is stuff like floating sea ice so we might fall through the ice of the Arctic Ocean and we will also be crossing open water lands, where someone will get on a raft and pull someone across. Well, get on the sled we are pulling and turn it into a raft," she explained. The article also notes compression zones—areas where ice has collided and created areas sometimes up to six feet tall—frost bite, and polar bears as potential risks. You know, typically wintertime activities.

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But don't worry: She's got a strong team supporting her endeavor. Hameister will be joined by her father—a Mount Everest climber—and a master polar guide. Want to follow along? Hameister will be sharing one photo a day on her Instagram account.

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