By Erika Owen
June 05, 2015
Credit: © World View

We may not all have the guts—or training—daredevil Felix Baumgartner had when he made the drop from 128,000 feet, but most of us could probably envy the views. A company by the name of World View seems to get it, and is now saying it will offer space tourism requiring no prior training.

Even better: it's pretty much a hot-air balloon out of science fiction.

The details: a high-altitude balloon craft will carry passengers high up into the sky—20 miles above Earth, to be specific—and offers up a view of 99 percent of the planet’s atmosphere. According to World View, you can get all of this with the same ease as flying on a commercial flight—except not really because this trip will set you back $75,000 (for an early bird ticket).

The space itself holds up to six passengers and two crew members. World View Advisor Philippe Bourguignon shares some pretty inspirational (if not precious) words on the trip: “Travel is what inspires me to dream. Travel is not a luxury. It is a necessity—one that is no longer confined to the boundaries of Earth.” We can’t help but get behind that sentiment.

Right now, reservations are open for the maiden voyages on the World View spacecrafts. For more information, head to the World View website.

Credit: © World View
Credit: © World View

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