Foothill Bridge California selfie fail
Credit: Rolf Schulten/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Here’s a tip for all the would-be thrill seekers out there: Leave the extreme selfies to the professionals.

On Tuesday, a woman fell 60 feet off the Foresthill Bridge, the highest bridge in California and one of the highest in the United States, according to local police.

“Yesterday afternoon, a female and a group of her friends from the Sacramento area were walking on the girders underneath the Foresthill Bridge in violation of Placer County Code 12.04.190 and Penal Code 602,” the Placer County Sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “The female attempted to take a selfie and fell from the girders landing on the trail approximately 60 feet below. She was life-flighted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center and is expected to survive.”

The walkways under the Foresthill Bridge, the sheriff’s office noted, are closed and are supposed to be completely off limits to tourists. “This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family,” the sheriff’s office added.

According to the victim’s friend, Paul Goncharuk, the group was attempting to take a picture on the bridge when she stepped on a bolt, lost her balance, and fell backwards. Goncharuk added: "It's a cool place to take pictures, but obviously not worth the risk.”

This woman isn’t the first, or likely the last, adrenaline junkie to attempt taking a photo on the closed off area of the Foresthill Bridge. Instagram is littered with photos of people showing off their illegal activities.

Never mind the threat of death — perhaps the threat of an unoriginal Instagram photo will deter people from risking their lives for a few likes.