One of Peru’s most and breathtaking regions, Salkantay, is arguably best explored by foot. GLP Films follows master explorer Dalmiro Portillo as he leads you from the ancient capital city of the Incan empire, Cusco, through rugged mountain passes and ancient archeological sites. The destination? Macchu Picchu, but not before stopping to connect with locals over traditional Pachamanca (Peruvian meals). Travelers may pass through remote and challenging terrain, but each day concludes at an eco-friendly mountain lodge, outfitted with everything from Jacuzzis and fireplaces to goose-down bedding.

The seven-day expedition extends from warm river valleys to the snowcapped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range, lush rainforest to orchards of banana, granadilla, and avocado. Huayna Picchu, a near-vertical climb, is the final leg of the journey, bringing explorers to those iconic, mist-shrouded peaks of Macchu Picchu Sanctuary. Intrigued? Give it a watch.