Thrill-seekers Can Kite Ski Through a Snow-covered Forest in Utah This Winter

Love adventure? Meet your new favorite winter sport.

Person Kite Skiing on Snow
Photo: Jon Hicks/Getty Images

Utah is already a well-known winter heaven for skiers and snowboarders thanks to its endless powder and world-class resorts. But, if you're finding that skiing and snowboarding don't quite bring you enough thrill, we've got a new activity you need to try: kite skiing.

Also known as kite snowboarding or snowkiting, kite skiing is just as wild as you'd imagine. It blends snow skis (or boards) with paragliding-like sails into one adrenaline-filled sport. It's sort of similar to cross-country skiing as you're not going straight downhill, only now, you're being propelled through the snow by a powerful kite and a bit of wind thanks to Mother Nature just to make it all the more exciting. (And way more of an upper body and core workout.)

Those interested in trying it out for themselves can find the best wide-open space option near Ogden in northern Utah, which provides the perfect terrain for learning to snow kite or mastering the technique of this relatively new outdoor winter sport.

That's because the Utah Skyline Drive Snowkiting Area, in the Manti-La Sal National Forest, receives crosswinds ranging from five to 20 miles per hour at a breathtaking 10,000-foot elevation, all surrounded by the splendor that is Utah's high country. Don't worry, the area is made up of snow-covered parks, frozen lakes, and wide-open areas clear of overhead obstacles so you can sail up to 50 miles per hour without worrying about hitting something above you.

Beginners are encouraged to sign up for lessons at the Utah Snowkite Center so they can learn the safety advice and all the tips and tricks to soaring through the snow. (Equipment, including harnesses, kite, and bars are provided for use during most lessons).

At the center, the experts will help you find the kite that best fits your needs and will help you pick out the perfect helmet before you become one with the breeze. The one thing you absolutely need to pack? Your GoPro, because you'll want to savor this memory forever...and show off your sick new skills on Instagram, too.

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