By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
January 21, 2017
Courtesy of "How Far From Home"

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger are living many people’s dreams of leaving behind the 9-to-5 to travel the world. But they're also candid about the downsides of living on the go.

They have spent more than a year on the road, documenting their travels (both on Instagram and their blog “How Far From Home”) and showcasing their adventures.

They’ve now packaged their world travels into a three-minute video, giving a behind-the-scenes look at their 466 days of exploration. In it, they not only document the amazing number of places they have visited, but also the breakdown of how many odd jobs they had to take on to sustain their lifestyle.

“After many debates, we've decided to start a vlog, and this is the introductory video to share our story to people who might be interested in signing up, to follow along as we continue to travel around the world,” Stevo told Travel + Leisure. “We hope to inspire wanderlust in everyone. We hope that after seeing our story unfold, and see that if you just set your mind to something, you can live life to the fullest, experiencing all that the world has to offer.”

Chanel and Stevo also revealed that they’ve finally run out of money.

“The savings have indeed run dry,” Chanel said. “The plan now is to set up streams to continue to fund our adventure.”

To keep their dream alive, the couple plans to work with tourism boards, travel agencies, hotel groups, and car rental companies to do trade exchanges. They’re also writing a book and will be filming a wedding in London.

When asked if they ever plan to give up and return back to work, they said only time will tell. But they already have trips planned until April 2017.

Jordi Lippe-McGraw is a Contributing Digital Reporter with Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @WellTraveler.