10 Female-focused Travel Companies to Know

The latest trend in travel is adventure trips that incorporate kayaking, climbing, backpacking, and more — with no guys allowed. The operators ahead all offer women's-only itineraries, with trips that range from hardcore outdoor adventures to luxe, glamping-style getaways.

Female Only Travel
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Female-focused adventure companies aren't exactly new — the first iterations sprang up in the late seventies, offering camping and canoe trips for women making their first forays into the backcountry. But in recent years, as wellness has gone mainstream and girls-only spaces have shed their negative stereotypes, women-only tour operators have blossomed. Today's female-focused travel companies span every type of trip, from hardcore climbing expeditions to soft adventure experiences where days are spent cycling and nights spent tucked into crisp Frette sheets at a high-end hotel. Whether you're focused on learning new skills, conquering physical challenges, or just exploring a new place in the company of other women, there's a trip to meet your needs. Read on to find the one that's right for you.

Adventures in Good Company

Specializes in expeditions in the U.S., like dog-sledding and snowshoeing on the shores of Lake Superior (from $1,765 for five days). adventuresingoodcompany.com

Adventure Women

Books luxe trips, most lasting at least a week, to 26 destinations — like hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting in Colombia (from $4,590 for 10 days). adventurewomen.com

Balanced Rock

The nonprofit's yearly Women of Color Wilderness Retreats in Yosemite combine survival-skill building, yoga, and mindfulness exercises (from $595 for four days). balancedrock.org


Hosts self-discovery workshops in Arizona (from $1,850 for three days), Hawaii, and Iceland. damesly.com

Explorer Chick

The company arranges backpacking trips in the American West and Appalachia, including a trek in the Great Smoky Mountains (from $699 for four days). explorerchick.com

Women's Adventure Travel
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Fit & Fly Girl

Daily workouts anchor retreats to party-friendly locales like Ibiza, Spain (from $2,300 for seven days). fitandflygirl.com

FP Escapes

The clothing brand's itineraries in places like Nicaragua's Playa Maderas (from $1,600 for seven days) emphasize mind-body connection. freepeople.com/fpescapes

REI Women's Adventures

The outdoor-gear co-op leads ambitious expeditions, like a South Africa safari (from $7,399 for 11 days), and three-day Outessa retreats in California, Oregon, and New Hampshire (each from $799). rei.com/h/force-of-nature

WHOA Travel

Besides Kilimanjaro (from $3,450 for seven days), destinations include Bavaria, Peru, Nepal, Russia, and India. whoatravel.com

Wild Women Expeditions

Leads intimate journeys, like a horseback ride across Mongolia (from $2,995 for 14 days), designed to foster inclusivity. wildwomenexpeditions.com

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