You Can Sleep in a Teardrop-shaped Tent Hanging in a Tree in Belgium

You've never camped like this before.

Teardrop shaped camping tents in Belgium
Photo: Kristof Vrancken

This is not your average campsite.

For those who are not fans of sleeping on the cold, hard ground, sleeping in a treehouse can be an excellent alternative. And for many Belgians, this small camping ground, called Tranendreef, is the perfect way to spend a summer night.

In Borgloon, located in Limburg, Belgium, campers can spend a night in these four uniquely shaped tents that are suspended from trees, Reuters India reported. The tents resemble a teardrop and actually were made as an art installation. But, since they were installed, they’ve evolved into becoming a tourist attraction since 2011.

Teardrop shaped camping tents in Belgium
Kristof Vrancken

Artist Dré Wapenaar originally created the tents in the 1990s as part of the Pit Landscape art festival in Belgium, which features work that combines art and nature, according to Metro. The artwork is in support of environmental activists who want to stop tree felling (cutting down trees). Wapenaar also has other tent structures across the globe, including four in Bornem, near Antwerp, one in a sculpture park in the U.S., one at a bed-and-breakfast in France, and three at a campsite in the Netherlands, according to Reuters India.

Naturally, since there are so few tents, they tend to get booked up fast. “The tents are fully booked every summer, but this year, the bookings went much faster. If we had more tents, they would also be taken every day of July and August,” said Katrien Houbey, head of tourism for Borgloon to Reuters India.

Even though coronavirus lockdown measures are easing throughout Europe, many people, especially Belgians, are looking for ways to travel within their own country — so these tents seem like the perfect summer getaway.

“My tents are too expensive to produce (commercially),” Wapenaar told Reuters India. “I should have designed it in a different way if I wanted to sell many of them... I am not a good product designer, I am an artist.”

The tents are accessible via a ladder and all contain a mattress for sleeping two people, a bench, small storage areas, and a window to look out into the forest and night sky. Outside, guests can access a bathroom and barbecue, Reuters India reported.

Teardrop shaped camping tents in Belgium
Kristof Vrancken

Booking one of these tents costs 70 euros (about $83 USD), so it’s not only a good way to have a socially distanced vacation, it’s also very affordable (if you can get a booking, that is).

More information about the campsite can be found on the Limburg Tourism website.

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