It's basically a portable treehouse.
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mother and daughter in hanging tent
Credit: Per Breiehagen/Getty Images

There’s no better feeling than the peace and quiet you get while camping.

After all being one with nature is the goal for any outdoor enthusiast. And, setting up a camp in the perfect spot — with a beautiful view, no rocks, and minimal pests — only makes that experience even better. Now, with a new tent design you can bring your campsite to the next level, literally.

Meet Tentsile, the portable, stackable, tent that suspends users off the ground between the trees.

It’s basically a packable tree house, tent and hammock all rolled into one which, let’s face it, is just plain cool.

To pitch the tent, campers must find an area between three trees to support the triangular design. A support strap from each corner is then fastened around each tree at the desired height and tightened through a series of ratchets. Similar to tradition tent designs, the floating tents come with a flysheet to protect users from rain.

Not only does this design allow you to sleep off the ground and away from threats (water or otherwise) below, you’ll be able to set up camp in areas that would previously be impossible.

Stackable Tree Tents
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Camping as a large family or with friends? The Tentsile also allows you to create your very own floating city throughout the trees, with their ability to be set up one on top of the other. They even have designs with multiple tent vestibules connected for large parties.

Whether you’re a die-hard adventure traveler or a weekend warrior, Tentsile has an option for everyone. The setups range in price from $250 - $1,500, and for every tent sold they’ll plant three trees to help combat deforestation.