Tattooine, Naboo and Endor aren't as far, far away as you think

By Diana and Diana Pearl / People
January 01, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

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Credit: Charles McQuillan/ Getty Images

Skellig Michael

The force awakened on this teeny-tiny island off the coast of Ireland – part of Episode VII was shot here in 2014. From the water, the island looks like a mountain gutting out of the Atlantic, with a spiraling staircase trailing down from the top.

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Tikal, Guatemala

Star Wars is all about the future, but in Episode IV, A New Hope, ancient Mayan ruins were used as a landing site for Han Solo's spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon.

Credit: Ben Pipe Photography/ Getty Images

La Grande Dune, Neftah, Tunisia

The sparse, sandy desert in the African nation of Tunisia was used for multiple scenes in the Star Wars saga, as the Dune Sea and the Krayt Dragon Ridge. Nearby is the Chott el Djerid, a dry salt lake whose salt flats were used to shoot the exterior shots of the Lars family home.

Credit: Payon/ Getty Images

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

This eerily beautiful bay in Southern Thailand served as the Wookiee homeland of Kashyyk. The lush greens and endless blue water make a perfect setting for a planet that only sees one season.

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